Employee and member benefit programs can finally provide a real estate service to make the process of buying and selling a home easier.  Individuals who participate with Nest Benefit gain confidence and significant savings on their real estate transactions.  We’re able to help them do this by bringing together full-service real estate agents, experienced mortgage advisors, and an educational program into one convenient service. It’s a no-cost, no-obligation program for organizations, program participants, their friends, and families.

  • With 24/7 support, the program is 100% free with no contracts or hidden costs. 

  • The program is open to all employees/members, their families, and friends.

  • We fully manage and operate the program in addition to providing multiple ways to engage with participants (e.g., social media broadcasts, online workshops).

  • We have created a way to help support your employees and members with what is likely their largest purchase and most important investment.

  • Our services reflect positively on your organization and give your employees and members more reasons to stay connected.

  • Our free educational materials, consultations and seminars are designed to reduce stress and help individuals be better informed.  

  • We provide a convenient, one-stop solution with both real estate and lending services rolled into one benefit program.

  • Employees and members gain access to highly-qualified professionals from nationally-recognized brokerages and lenders who are fully vetted with a wide range of specialties.

  • Our breadth and depth of our network allows us to provide local support to participants regardless of where they live.

  • On average, participants save $4,500 (based on a national median home price of $500k with a $400K loan).

  • Through our partnership with one of the nation’s premier mortgage lenders, we’re able to offer participants competitive rates, low fees and added closing cost savings.

  • In working with our local, top-rated agents, participants receive expert representation to negotiate strongly on their behalf while saving thousands in rebates. 

Activity Reporting

We provide regular activity reporting to help you track engagement.

Custom Marketing

We offer a targeted marketing plan along with custom materials to help engage employees and members.

Dedicated Support

Our team is there to help every step of the way  from implementation and roll-out to on-going support.

Custom Benefit Program Page


When your employees or members visit Nest Benefit, they arrive at your organization landing page with information specific for them, their area, and anything they would need to know to get started. Custom pages include:

  • Program services and benefits

  • Savings calculator

  • Additional information regarding full-service real estate agents and expert mortgage advisors

  • Nest Match form

  • Getting in touch with us

Email Blasts


We create email templates containing special information for employees or members to help keep them informed on real estate market changes, webinar and education opportunities, as well as other information that might be pertinent to those interested in homeownership.

On-Demand Audio and Video

On-going tips and advice in the form of 3-10 minute video and audio recordings covering a variety of topics such as What You Should Know About Waiving Inspections or How to Handle Escalator Clauses.  Content is available on all devices.

Webinars & Screencasts

Nest Benefit teams up with our top-rated real estate agents and experienced mortgage lenders to produce content to support individuals on being better informed.  Topics include:


  • First time homebuyers

  • Credit enhancement

  • Home buying for veterans

  • Reverse mortgage


Presentations run approximately 30 minutes to one hour, are recorded for playback convenience, and include one or more industry professionals. 

Give your employees and members more by adding Nest Benefit to your organization's benefits package.

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